viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH is a man of 'coincidences'


Let's go back in 11 years time, 2004. What was going on with Benedict Cumberbatch at that time? Well, the thing is that he was filming Hawking for the BBC.

There are two funny things in this story. The first one is that this year he was competing against Eddie Redmayne (the gorgeous ginger) to win the Oscar. And voilà, the gorgeous ginger's character was the famous physician Sthephen Hawking, the same role Benedict played in the past for the BBC. I cannot believe how annoying this must be: having played the same role and not winning the Oscar because it's given to an actor whose character you played, quite amazingly, in the past. This is the first coincidence. Maybe Benedict was happy for his fellow or maybe not. We'll never know. The only thing we know is that both actors were very committed in their roles. However, I choose Eddie Redmayne because he made me cried my eyes out and though the story was too romantic for me, the guy is just amazing.

The second funny thing is that his character in the BBC production, Hawking, was going to a play with his love, Jane. And voilà, what was the play Benedict Cumberbatch was watching? As it couldn't be different, it was the prince of Denmark, HAMLET itself. Benedict as Hawking was leaning forward his seat, quite amazed by the show....Did he know he would be playing HAMLET at the Barbican with a huge repercussion in social media 11 years later? We will never know; maybe he wanted to and when he was offered the role he remembered the Hamlet he saw as Hawking and thought: 'this time I will be a bloody good Hamlet'...

He didn't win the Oscar but he's making his year with Hamlet!!! Well done...


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